Novo Aero Technology is an innovation-driven startup company, aiming at developing and introducing to the market a new class of Helicopter-like Vertical Take-off and Landing (VTOL) aircrafts that combine the advantages of conventional winged aircrafts with those of Helicopters. Our proposed new class of aircrafts is expected to have lower production costs compared to those of conventional Helicopters, while being easier to control, and cheaper to operate and maintain.

About us


Our technology is based on employing an innovative Compact Propeller to lift the aircraft. The compact design of the lift-generating propellers enables positioning them in ducts in the central part of the aircraft’s fuselage, which will enable designing the aircraft’s powertrain with less moving parts, when compared to a conventional Helicopter’s powertrain, making it cheaper to produce and maintain, and less prone to accidents due to component failure. This will also enable operating the aircraft at relatively higher speeds and altitudes, while avoiding the adverse effect of any surrounding wind that maybe encountered during the flight.

Market Potentials

The above mentioned competitive advantages will make our technology attractive for Helicopter and Business jet aircraft manufacturers to employ in their production lines, and for potential customers to buy for their fleets.

Company Location

Our company is currently located in the Technology Incubator of North Carolina State University (NCSU), which gives us direct access to the NCSU research community, facilities, and resources, from which we will recruit our consultants and workforce.