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Create the most compelling, plug-and-fly, cost effective, vertical taking-off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft of the 21st century.

Novo Aero Technology is an innovation-driven startup company, currently developing a disrupting aircraft concept intended to enable building small and medium sized, plug-and-fly, cost effective, vertical taking-off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft for use in future Urban Air Mobility (UAM) transportation systems, and in other sectors in which helicopters are currently used.

Due the simple design of its all-electric powertrain, with all the powertrain components having an  airworthiness life of at least 5,000 flight hours (10 years or more), our aircraft will require zero maintenance during its life span, except for routine inspections. In addition, as all the powertrain components will be designed to enable individually plugging them in and out, in case if any of the components would need to be replaced, the repair process will be completed in a short period of time with the aircraft ready to fly in less than 24 hours. 

These two features will alleviate Helicopter and VTOL aircraft owners and operators from the labor and cost intensive maintenance requirements currently associated with Helicopters and other VTOL aircraft operations, and will lessen the environmental impact resulting from operating this new type of aircraft.

In addition, our aircraft will have a control system that is simpler to operate, when compared to the control systems Helicopters currently use. The simplicity of the control system will facilitate pilot training and certification for this new type of aircraft, reduce associated training costs, and will help pave the way for cross platform pilot certification, which will make a larger pool of pilots available for flying this new type of aircraft. 

Also, our VTOL aircraft is projected to be capable of cruising at speeds up to 325 mph and at altitudes up to 35,000 feet, and to fly for a distance of up to 500 miles on a single charge, while providing the comfort and safety a winged aircraft enjoys.  This will make our aircraft an ideal choice for developing future VTOL aircraft capable of performing jobs traditionally carried out by helicopters, far more efficiently; and will allow adding VTOL capabilities to Business Jet Aircraft, which will relieve the Business Jet Aircraft users from the need to commute to and from airports, which will significantly save their valuable time while ensuring their privacy. 

Our innovative technology is currently in the R&D stage. Please visit our website later for more information about our proposed technology and its development status.


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